The RRTF will be running a test stream tomorrow night and will be hosting our official first stream this Satrurday December 15th at 8pm central time! Sign up on and join us in the chat because shit is about to get real! YOU AIN’T NEVA SEEN A LIVESTREAM PUT A GAME ON ITS BACK LIKE DIS DOE!!!

Fondest Wishes,

Team Memeber Justin

(If confused about the last line up there, please consult the following video for your visual inticement…enjoy)



Whats up people?! We have been working diligently on our stream and we should be broadcasting on a regular schedule by mid to late December,and that’s just swell! You can catch some of our test broadcasts and chat with us on our channel  until then,  follow us there or on our twitter @Therrtf to see when we are live! In the mean time check out the best sticker design ever, you cannot deny its sheer magnitude! We dare you!

Team Member Justin<3

The Ronald Reagan Task Force.

This is the new home of The RRTF live stream team! You can catch all of our updates and show schedules here in the coming months, as well as interact with us and see all the cool shit our team members post! YOU CANT LOSE!


Team Member Justin<3